Boom Pitti Blooms

Posted by Chiara Redaschi on

Boom, Pitti Blooms!  This was the message shouted out at this year’s Pitti Immagini Fairs, 2017.   The idea behind it being the vital energy and beauty of flowers which bloom as creative ideas do, sometimes in unlikely ways and in bold colourful tones that seem to almost contrast with the natural green aesthetic of the nature around them. 


Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine says, “BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS presents the marvels of a fanciful world where original patterns and contrasts…cover facacdes, floors and spaces. …the theme is also a metaphor for our fairs, of what fertile ground they are for new and often unusual creative expressions.” 


Our team took to the streets of Florence to see how fashionistas would interpret and incorporate the theme in their own clothing and here’s how the idea unfolded itself on Pitti Street Style…


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