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Brera is known as the artistic heart of Milan.  A stroll through this ancient district reveals an abundance of artisanal workshops, quaint little boutiques, antiques and shops selling canvases and paint.  The area is also home to an abundance of enchanting restaurants, bars and coffee shops.


In the midst of it all notably sits the superb Accademia di Brera and Brera Art Gallery, the principal historical building of the area, which prominently contributed to the development of Brera as an artists' neighbourhood and a place of bohemian atmosphere that mirrors the Montmartre in Paris.  Housed within the Palazzo Brera is also the Orto Botanico di Brera, botanical gardens established in 1774 to serve students of medicine and pharmacology.  Currently operated by the University of Milan, the gardens were restored in 1998 after a long period of neglect.  


The rich mix of history, artistic charm, an influence of bohemianism and the intellectual set together with quaint little cafes and restaurants that are to be discovered hidden within the streets of Brera make it one of the most evocative districts in Milan.




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