The Ephemeral Museum of Fashion at Palazzo Pitti

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This year’s Pitti Uomo saw the opening of a new and very different type of fashion exhibition at the Palazzo Pitti Costume Gallery, which was launched in collaboration with ITA, Gallerie Degli Uffizi and Pitti Immagini amongst others. 


“The Ephemeral Museum of Fashion” originated a few years ago when a conversation ensued amongst a small group of people as to ‘what a fashion museum should be.’  From there, the idea took root at Pitti Immagine Discovery and slowly began to develop.


Traditionally speaking, the ambition of the fashion museum is to preserve clothing and hold it up for presentation in a still life format, away from the natural movements of the body and wearer thus offering a version of the garment that is orphaned from its owner. 


Within this exhibition, the garment has been presented in unlikely forms which we would usually not expect from a museum, “Draped over the back of a chair, hung on a coatrack, folded up in a cupboard, the garment viewed in this way is for a moment appreciated with nobility.  These different fates model multiple formats of display, some of which are routine, muted and part of our daily habits.  We wanted to compare the formality of the museum mannequin with the despised state of lethargy of the soft and castaway second clothing of our skins.”






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